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I have been swimming in music for as long as I can remember and distill the blend that is P.M.M after times spent in various bands and solo acoustic ventures. Self taught, selfish, allergic to shellfish.

I got our name from a short story by Richard Brautigan. Once heard to say "I don't exist" and been known to carry his slippers in a bag when visiting peoples houses. Currently listening to the sound of the eucalyptus tree as it rubs against the fence in the garden.




Sublime eighteen with the voice of a thousand years. You can't ask for joy, it just is. When she sings it's there, every time. Big stage presence, everybody knows it's just a matter of time.Classically trained flautist, with an ability to improvise and create.

A fine actress with numerous awards, she was simply born to perform with the tools to do so. She has a wicked sense of humour and is currently listening to the sound of the sea from a shell she's put to her ear. Been known to say "We will be huge, check us out before you have to pay 30!"