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Welcome to the official Pale Marble Movie web site. World/Folk Acoustic songs with intelligent, thoughtful lyrics and great vocals, whether experienced live, or recorded.
One of our songs was included on the latest episode of Insomnia Radio: UK
The latest album: Kissing Gate can now be downloaded from iTunes or eMusic
See videos recorded live at 'The Horn': The Same Way, The Kissing Gate
See trailer for spoof film 'Gagalash: Gift to the Fans' by Gareth Owen Jones featuring PMM's 'Maggots to Flies': on youtube or on facebook
Eddie's Brother Myspace, incl. recent video can be found: here
See latest Video recorded at the Maltings Arts Centre recently.  
New Pale Marble Movie Myspace can be found: here
You can order the new 10-Track CD 'Kissing Gate' and our previous albums online
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Interactive gig guide for the sountheast of UK.
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