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Stunning Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans on Sat 4th Feb 06

This duo is not the best in Hertfordshire.

They are the best in the entire South East of the UK!

You just do not experience such emotional power through music when you go out to most gigs. I just remember thinking to myself as Alice perfectly delivered her sweet, soulful, jazz-laden vocal outburst... these guys MUST make it in this silly world. And then I remembered that lots of people who go to see live bands (let's say tributes) don't actually listen, they just soak up the music.

But if you really listened to the unique melodies and fresh delivery of these songs, your 7 quid would have been justified many times over. Alice's voice is a sensuous mix of Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Sam Brown, Maria McKee, but with the ability to soften her tone not just between songs, but during individual songs - her vocal gymnastics were spine-tingling. You want to connect emotionally with music that is new, fresh and moving? You want to go home and feel better about life, about music? Do you believe that live music goes beyond rock tributes, carbon copy blues, sad Sunday strummers, tuneless mega-egos...? I do, and I heartily recommend these two seemingly insignificant, yet brilliant people to you.

Allan S, Fri 24th Mar 06

Reply from Pale Marble Movie: Hi Allan S, thanks for a review that warms us up, will be put on our site and quoted from. Good to know you know, come say helllo. We are @ 'The Horn' Wed 12th April. Alice n Chris



- Live Gig Review - 'Horn Reborn' St Albans -

by Steve Maggs of the Watford Observer

I like to think I can trust my nose. Every now and again it lets me find out things I don’t want to know but generally it does it’s job.

On Monday, June 16, I went along to The Horns in Watford for the third of the showcase nights there. The night promised much and between them Pale Marble Movie and Carl Payne provided one of the best nights in terms of musical quality and distinctive songwriting the venue has seen.

PMM were on first and wowed an appreciative if not vast audience with their sublime and truly individual music. Alice and her dad Chris mix excellent vocals - with some gripping harmonies - guitar and flute to great effect. Alice has a sensational voice which would stand out in any setting, but when mixed with Chris’ and in the context of their folky tunes and wry lyrics it sets the stage alight.

That meant Carl Payne had his work cut out to make an impression. He did though, in fact his thoughtful, compelling tunes seemed to compliment PMM’s perfectly. After a few songs on his own Carl was joined by his band and played a superb set using his distinctive voice and great guitar work beautifully.

Look out for them both, two truly outstanding acts.

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